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Introducing Inman studios: Classics for your HOME

Posted by Amanda Inman on 21 September, 2023 0 comments


It's no secret, I've been working behind the scenes on something fun for your HOME: Carefully CURATED and COLLECTED pieces hand-picked by me! These will be vintage, antique, or just plain cool things that I have taken time to source and can't wait to show you how to use them in your own home.


I will drop a small collection of fun finds periodically, via Instagram stories or the website. If you want to follow along and know when and how these curated collections will be released, and get previews of what I find, sign up here and we'll add you to the VIP List. TRUST ME, you will want to be on this list.


In case you were wondering:

Don't worry, your favorite amanda k. jewelry isn't going anywhere!

We've been working on creating Inman Studios, re-branding, and providing an umbrella "brand" for me to add in other creative projects alongside the statement jewelry. This is still in the works as we figure out the logistical side of making it happen. Stay tuned!


With a background in Interior Design, I have always found connections between all areas of art, design, and fashion, and I can't wait to be able to share more beauty through the expanded wings of my business. I'd be honored if you'd follow along!




Behind the Scenes Design Process

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Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes, designing or stringing a necklace?

The process can be a few minutes to a few hours or even days! Sometimes I have an idea in my head but don't execute it for years. Then, one day, I pull it out and it practically makes itself, it happens so fast. Other times, I will leave a necklace in-process out on a tray and work at it for weeks without being satisfied with how it comes together. 


Jewelry making process


I have even been known to finish something and then months later, cut it up and make it into something new if it's not sitting well with me!

[San Diego] On location: Inspiration is everywhere

Posted by Amanda Inman on 09 April, 2020 1 comment


Our recent trip to the California coast just north of San Diego was filled to the brim with rest, inspiration, and beauty from all angles. I wanted to share a little of that beauty with you, with the hopes of brightening your day, giving you a window into a place you can't travel to right now, and perhaps even let you in on the secrets of a designer. (Wink.)

Beauty doesn't exist as an end unto itself. It is my belief that beauty always has a purpose: to draw our attention to the One who created it, and to give Him all glory and praise. During a time of crisis especially, I truly believe that beauty is helpful, even crucial, to our understanding of God and our ability to give Him praise. While some might deem it unnecessary or frivolous, I propose that beauty is a reminder of the HOPE that there is a kind, Creator God in heaven who cares about the tiniest of detail, including the beholder of such beauty. (That's you, friend!)

So, I'm sharing some of my favorite [beautiful] pictures from our trip. As you look through them, consider this: what do they tell you about God?

After you scroll through, leave a comment with what comes to mind! I'd love to know your thoughts. [Don't miss the commentary throughout; also, that last photo... my wide eyes and wispy fly-aways are just evidence that I couldn't be more excited to be at the beach with my husband.]





Color schemes are shapes are popping out of this colorful coastline photo. I am planning a series to show you photos of jewelry pieces that tie closes with these inspiration photos.




The Aqua Terra Jasper layering necklaces made their appearance at the beach, and paired perfectly with a pair of turquoise cluster earrings my husband bought for me in New Mexico! The jasper beads are nearly the same color as the foamy ocean waves in the next photo.





While combing the beach, I kept noticing piles of black rocks scattered along the tide's boundary. After closer examination, I realized that the majority were actually other colors... brilliant colors, in fact! From a distance, they had looked almost monochromatic. There were black rocks, but I could not believe how many other colors I found. This collection I snapped a photo of was only from about 30 minutes of picky selection. There were actually many more variations of each color, varying in shade and tone. It's fascinating to me! Such an easily overlooked, small detail, but one that communicates such creativity and attention to detail if our eyes are opened and willing to see.



Any time I see a color scheme or details that catch my eye, I try to take a photo of it. My camera roll on my iPhone is FILLED with photos from random places and moments. Do I always go back to them later or use them as specific inspiration? Hardly ever. But, as a designer, I've found that these moments are actually captured in my mind and filed away, often to come out in a project or piece I'm working on down the road. Perhaps physically taking a picture of them with my phone is a representation of that.



I almost always stop for a good wall photo. And the Macrame Fringe Hoop earrings are the perfect accessory for any mural photo.




Next time you go outside, or scroll through Instagram and see beautifully captured moments, or flip through a magazine and happen upon a beautiful photo, ask yourself what that BEAUTY tells you about God? 



10 Years and Thoughts on Creativity

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Hello friends!

Ever wonder how I got started in this biz? It's actually the number one question I get asked by people. The follow up query is where I find my materials. That's another story for another day.

Ten years ago this summer, a handful of months after I started my career as a residential interior designer, I found myself only working part time and in need of another source of income. I grew up with a bit of an entrepreneurial and independent spirit and had always been encouraged by my dad to do something for work that I could do anywhere. With time to spare and a desire to start a business of some kind, I started playing around with a bunch of different ideas and eventually landed on designing jewelry. I taught myself the skills I needed to start making earrings and necklaces, bought a few strands of beads and tools, and began creating things for friends and family. Coincidentally, around the same time, I had also been given a few vintage pieces of jewelry by my maternal grandmother that were broken or she no longer wore.


One look into my grandmother’s jewelry box and I was hooked. This was what would set my business apart from others. I fell in love with the idea that each of her pieces had their own unique history – their own story to tell. I began to realize that these pieces were timeless and could be given new life by deconstructing them and combining their parts with new and fresh styles, colors, and textures. I began designing bold statement necklaces that featured vintage elements but had a modern yet timeless appeal.

Style is always evolving, but what we design and wear today continues to have roots in the past. Elements of the styles of my grandmother’s generation are still seen in our current trends; those timeless styles inspire me to find ways to further connect them to the present with my jewelry. I love finding inspiration in the details of life; nature and creation, art, architecture, music, history, and travel all shape my current style.

Though I started my business ten years ago, it has ebbed and flowed during that time as I have also pursued interior design and other creative endeavors at the same time. As an artist, I see clear evidence that every project I work on influences other areas of life and impacts how and what I'm designing. Thus, my residential design experience influences my jewelry design, and vice versa.

In school, we learned that the principles of design were applicable to any kind of design, not just interiors. And I see that play out in any of my creative endeavors, whether it be in designing a necklace, a painting, a flower arrangement, or a space for a client. My eye has been trained to create and spot good design. It's in my veins and I see pattern, color, texture, shape, balance, proportion everywhere.

In the last year, I've enjoyed exploring more avenues of creativity and have a longing to create more space to add offshoot projects as they come up. As I mentioned, the principles of design and art are evident no matter the medium. And creativity can be exercised in endless ways. After all, we were created by a Creative God in His image to be creative men and women! I see all of these projects and businesses as mutually beneficial to each other, just as I see them holistically working together hand-in-hand in my life. And I can't help but think that approaching them as connected businesses rather than separate entities would not only make me less of a crazy person, but could also encourage and inspire YOU, my trusted and most beautiful followers, customers, and clients.

I have such a passion for encouraging women to see themselves as beautiful daughters of the king who have been created in the image of a beautiful, creative God, and who have been given authority to steward well their homes and wellness.

I believe these conversations can start with jewelry, wardrobe, space planning a new home, or the choices we make regarding our beauty and wellness. Whether you're an accountant, teacher, stay-at-home mom, designer, or anything in between, we all have the capacity to exercise creativity in one form or another, and it's my desire to empower and embolden you to creatively engage in all aspects of your life.

If you do, I believe it will spark some new life within you, and bring freedom from having to be like everyone else or do what everyone else is doing.

Hopefully this fall, you'll be seeing some new things around here, maybe even some new branding and names in the process. Don't worry, the things you love about amanda k. jewelry aren't going anywhere. We're just exploring ways to encompass even more of what we do around here so we can bring those goodies to you.

If you don't follow along over on Instagram, head there now for a glimpse at what we're up to, including our latest travels or newest pieces. You're be inspired and encouraged for sure, and maybe even find a few ideas worth saving for your next project.



Equestrian Brass Collection

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Have you seen our collection of statement necklaces featuring vintage horse brasses? We first discovered these delightful brass treasures buried in antique shops and estate sales and markets, and knew they would make for a fun collection.

Not only do they have a storied past, but each is unique and beautiful and makes for a lovely conversation point. Whether you have interest in all things equestrian or just simply love one-of-a-kind statement jewelry, we think you'll love this line.

With origins in ancient times, horse brasses were thought to be an amulet of sorts, meant to protect from evil forces. Brasses have been discovered of Pre-Roman origin, and thought to have been introduced to England through a Far East tribe settling there, and then later reintroduced by returning members of the Crusades who had accumulated the as souvenirs from Eastern countries.

Paintings and tapestries dating from the late 17th century show horses adorned with brasses. Most brasses that are found today were made between the years of 1860 to 1890, with the largest manufacturer ceasing production in 1910. So we know they're old! What I have found to be cool about them is that each is unique in its symbol or design. Over 1200 designs have been documented, and they have significance about when and where they were made, as well as the owner of the horse and their occupations.
For example, one that we have shows an anchor and capstan wheel, which refers to a Naval horse.

We have another that shows what looks like a deer, which looks like a brass design that was from a Wiltshire Estate in England.

We also have a daintier chain design, one of which features a brass with a peacock, which would have been a colonial-type brass.

What a unique way to wear a piece of history! As with any of our other vintage and antique pieces, I'm always wondering what the story behind them is... who wore it, when, what was the meaning behind it. If these brass medallions could talk, OH the stories they would tell. I'm just sure of it.

We're always finding other brasses tucked away in forgotten places, so more will appear in the shop soon. If you love the concept, but want a specific emblem or figure on your horse brass, don't hesitate to reach out! We can be on the lookout or reserve one just for you! In the meantime, check out our collection online here, and many others at Titch & Burt's Mercantile, a boutique shop in Waco, TX.

Guest Post: Ellen Elizabeth

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This is the beginnings of a regular blog series that I've always dreamt of doing: guest posts written by new and loyal amanda k. jewelry customers alike.  I am fascinated by the idea that often women have decided that they "can't" wear bold pieces, statement necklaces, bright colors.  For whatever their reasoning, for some it's an internal struggle that exists because of some lie they are believing about themselves or the world around them.  It is my hope that through something as seemingly trivial as jewelry, we can speak some truth into the lives of women and build up rather than tear down.  And perhaps some of us will come away challenged to try something new in the process. 

Please help me welcome our first guest post written by Ellen Elizabeth, a dear friend and loyal customer.

"My Amanda K jewelry makes me feel ConfidentBeautifulSecureValuable. "

When I first moved to Dallas, Amanda and I were in a small group together.  She always wears her jewelry.  Always.  And I admired it – it was beautiful, unique, and eye-catching.  But those weren’t things that I was comfortable pursuing for myself.  I was raised in a faith tradition that taught us to be plain.  We drove black cars (occasionally navy blue, or a dark green if you were really daring!).  We couldn’t wear makeup or any jewelry – even wedding rings were forbidden.  Our hairstyles were simple.  Especially as women, we were taught to be gentle, meek, and mild; never stand out, and never draw attention to yourself.  But it never quite made sense to me.  I saw the world around us that God created and it had so much beauty – flowers, sunrises, and sunsets.  Our garden produced a bounty every year, and I saw so many colors and textures there – crisp green pears, red-ripe strawberries, the smoothness of a watermelon, the rough green leaves and silky tassel of corn.  And I didn’t understand why we had to deny ourselves when God  had created this beautiful world all around us – didn’t he want us to enjoy it? 


We all appreciate beauty on some level.  If you have ever admired a sunset over the ocean, smiled at a baby in the grocery store check-out line, browsed through an art gallery or museum, or based your online dating swipe on how hot the fellow is (or isn’t…) – then you have pursued beauty.  Deciding what to wear every morning takes an intuition of what colors, styles and shapes work together.  Everyone one of us picks out furniture and some sort of décor for their home, chooses what color vehicle to purchase, has certain styles of clothing they would never purchase.  Very few people would purchase a house with lime-green walls and move in without repainting.  All of these involve making decisions based on factors that aren’t intrinsically practical– that’s where the creativity, and style come in.  We know what we like and what we don’t (though this can change over time).           


Growing up, the pastor’s wife had peacocks.  And we would admire those beautiful birds when they put on their mating show, scooping up any discarded feathers.  And another pastor’s wife kept a flower bed full of beautiful blooms.  But if I used fabric with brightly-colored flowers to make a dress, or added lace or buttons to my dress, that would have created a scandal.  There were rules upon rules to be followed.  Nobody could really explain why – it’s just how we did things.  And sometimes, maybe I think we do the same thing with ourselves.  We make rules without really having a reason, and then we stick to them – something like “It’s just not me to wear a big necklace”, “I will stand out too much if I wear bright colors”.  And because we judge ourselves so harshly, we assume others will judge us as well – “If I wear something that stylish, will people think I am shallow?”     Rules are easy to follow and give us a quick checkpoint to make sure we are on track (and a way to compare ourselves with others).  But Christianity has never been about rules, though people have tried to distill it down to that, time and again (Pharisees, anyone?).  Christianity is about relationship, and relationship provides freedom that rules never can, but it comes with a greater level of responsibility to examine your heart.  Because the proudest woman in the room may certainly be the simplest in her attire.  And the humblest one may the loudest.     



Genesis 1:27 tells us that people were created in God’s image.  And as his image-bearers, one of the things that gives us is his gift of beauty.  And we have a responsibility to use the gifts that he has given us (Matthew 25:14-30). 

We were placed in a beautiful world – mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, zebras, tigers, and parrots – the list goes on and on.  God gave us this world to enjoy.  But as his image bearers, we also have those gifts of creativity inside of us – to express through pottery, painting, sculpture, music, and other ways.  Amanda expresses her gift by making unique jewelry.  And part of embracing our status as an image-bearer is finding ways to live out that creativity that He gave us.  Boldly, without apology, with a freedom to break away from the masses, and be ourselves.  Being willing to blaze a trail, if that’s where our path leads.  That may mean buying a piece of jewelry that is a little bolder than you would normally wear.  It may mean signing up for a class to learn the skills to steward your gifts better (or even experimenting to find out what your gifts are).  Because as we embrace and make time and space to express our own gifts, we become more supportive of those around us embracing theirs.


As the old saying goes, beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder.  We all have a different sense of style and beauty, we have been given passion and inspiration to create different things.  What dreams are in your heart, ready to be birthed into the world?  It’s certainly a messy endeavor – new life always is.  But the process is exhilarating.              


I love how encouraging Ellen is in her words on beauty.  I did no prompting when I asked her to write, yet she spoke directly of the things I've pondered for years.  And so much of these thoughts are where my business and creativity stem from.  See my about page if you're curious on any of that. 

I want to thank the always amazing Susanna from Southern Pines Photography for our beautiful photos and a fun afternoon interview that felt more like hanging out with friends.

Until next time, lovelies!




Birthday Cake and Updates

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This past week was a big one. My husband's birthday happened (and thus birthday WEEK celebrations) and we announced that we put a collection of amanda k. jewelry in a new shop down in Waco.  We posted about these things on Instagram, and had an overwhelmingly positive response from our followers.  If you don't follow us there, hop to it!  We share all the latest news there, and more of our lifestyle that we are working on branding.  And stay tuned for a name change happening soon!

The shop that welcomed us this weekend was Christi's, owned by Christi Proctor, formerly of Trading Spaces on HGTV.  I had connected with Christi while I was a student at Baylor when she spoke at a meeting our ASID group held.  She remembered me when I went by her store back in August, and we struck up a conversation about my jewelry.  She loved my equestrian necklaces in particular, because she had owned a horse herself. 

The vibe of her store (and her custom bedding line Moon Rein!) fit perfectly with our jewelry, so we're giving it a shot!  If you're in Waco or nearby (likely visiting Magnolia) then make sure to stop by and take a look. Her sister store Titch and Burt's Mercantile next door is also a great place to get unique gifts and home items.  There are so many great little local spots to shop in Waco now, and these little places are right there at the top of the list. 


Our birthday week celebrating my wonderful husband Chase included this delicious banana cake with brown butter cream cheese frosting, which I had intended to make to try to replicate our wedding cake.  I agree with Sally, why has it taken me this long to try brown butter cream cheese icing?!  We made this cake gluten free using Namaste GF Perfect Flour blend.  It's a dense and decadent treat, and my husband loved it!

wedding cake

Wedding cake by Feastivities, Flowers by I Do Floral & Decor, Wedding photography by Bow Tie Media

My cake, using my vintage inspired jadeite cake stand!

Since we were asking about it several times over on Instagram, I decided to share the recipe I used.  Make sure you visit her site to get the full recipe!  Now I can't wait to have our wedding cake that our moms saved for our 1 year anniversary... it's coming up soon!


This week will seem a bit dull compared to all the celebrations last week, but honestly, I'm quite ok with that.  This introvert is ready for some down time.  :)



Exciting News! We're reviving some classics.

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We have some exciting news!

These Classics earrings are probably THE most complimented earrings I've ever made, and I literally wear them with anything and everything. (Statement necklaces included!!)

They were one of the first things I made when I started this business (9 years ago?! gasp.) I've never been able to remake them, UNTIL NOW.

So here's the exciting news: We've decided we're going to revive a few of our classic and original designs, starting with these!  I have a limited number of them available, and they're up on the website as of tonight! They're $60, which is a steal considering how much I know you'll wear them. (Wink.) Go get your pair before they sell out! xoxo #amandakjewelry


Make a Bridal Statement

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Often, when a bride wants to make a fun or playful statement on her wedding day, she opts for the colorful or funky shoe.  But we'd like to point out (ahem) that this trend is rarely visible except for the occasional special shot by the photographer when getting ready.  What about choosing a statement necklace for a more modern and unique look, that would actually be seen and admired by everyone?

We may be biased, but it has been our experience that statement necklaces add elegance to any outfit - the signature element that completes an entire "look." What girl wouldn't want to add a touch of elegance to her bridal ensemble?

One of our brides that selected a stunning blush statement necklace for her wedding day said this, "I've been to wedding after wedding, and every bride looked the same to me.  And none were very memorable.  I wanted a more modern, elegant look that added another layer of 'wow' factor to my dress."  And we couldn't agree with her more.  By choosing the right statement jewels for your frock, you will enhance the beauty and details of the dress, rather than detracting from it. 


Oh, and did we mention one of our pieces would count for your "Something Old"?  Each necklace features a vintage element that we have hand picked during our treasure hunting adventures. 

Want to wear a statement necklace with your dress, but don't know where to start?  Send us a message and we'll work with you to design and hand-craft your very own one-of-a-kind accessory based on your unique details and specifications.  We also love making special gifts for your bridal party, too!  These bracelets were a custom order for a client who gave them to her bridesmaids.  How sweet would it be to give them as a "Will you be my bridesmaid?" gift?


And don't forget to have your photographer capture some fun images featuring your wedding day details!  We have to take a hot minute to brag on our talented friend Susanna Simpson, of Southern Pines Photography, who captured these STUNNING images of a bride wearing one of our favorite pieces (which is still available for sale, ladies! Go snag it while you can!)  Her artistic eye and attention to detail and candid expressions is a true talent, and we can't recommend her enough.  If you're looking for a wedding photographer, you simply must check her out!


Flowers by Gardenia.

Dress by Blushing Bride Boutique.

Settee by Gold Dust Vintage Rentals.

Event by Katie Frost Weddings.

Venue: Hawthorn Hills Ranch.


Santa Fe for Travel and Inspiration

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Earlier this Fall, I had the opportunity to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico for an inspiration trip for my interior design work.  You'll probably notice that many times the design elements of my jewelry lines as well as the interior design work that I do cross over.  I love the bright colors, interesting textures and rich history of vintage jewelry pieces as well as design elements.


Here are just a few highlights from our trip: 


Santa Fe Travel Highlights from Jewelry Designer Perspective


This is a performing arts center and concert hall near the historic square.  I love the terra cotta roof, shell detailing at the entrance and the gorgeous carvings along the roof line.  This was truly a beautiful building.


Santa Fe Travel Highlights from Jewelry Designer Perspective


We spent a lot of time in the arts district and stopped in many local shops like this textile store to source rugs, accessories, jewelry, clothing, and other home items.  I love all the colors and textures found in stores like this one!


Santa Fe Travel Highlights from Jewelry Designer Perspective


These hand-painted bowls boast many bright color combinations, which I love to translate into both jewelry and interior design work.  We found these bowls at Casa Nova Gallery.


Santa Fe Travel Highlights from Jewelry Designer Perspective


And how fun is this beaded turtle?  I enjoy finding just a little bit of whimsy each day to keep life exciting.  I think this turtle would be a fun, unexpected touch in just the right room.



We walked up and down Canyon Road, a beautiful walk-able street lined with art galleries in little houses and cottages.  Each gallery was brimming with inspiration.  The one shown above had colorful art hanging outside, and low doorways with painted lintels. 



And how amazing is this door?!  I was drooling as we passed by, and had to snap a quick picture.  The color palette and motif were perfection.


And of course, the sunrises and sunsets were stunning.  This was my view every morning from my balcony: 



I came back from Santa Fe this fall recharged and inspired, ready to begin working on new collections as unique as the items we found on this trip.  Be sure and shop our new Peruvian Spike necklaces that would fit right in to the shops in Santa Fe!


Enjoying these travel posts?  Check out my trips to San Diego and Fredericksburg and also my Travel Necessities.


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