10 Years and Thoughts on Creativity

Hello friends!

Ever wonder how I got started in this biz? It's actually the number one question I get asked by people. The follow up query is where I find my materials. That's another story for another day.

Ten years ago this summer, a handful of months after I started my career as a residential interior designer, I found myself only working part time and in need of another source of income. I grew up with a bit of an entrepreneurial and independent spirit and had always been encouraged by my dad to do something for work that I could do anywhere. With time to spare and a desire to start a business of some kind, I started playing around with a bunch of different ideas and eventually landed on designing jewelry. I taught myself the skills I needed to start making earrings and necklaces, bought a few strands of beads and tools, and began creating things for friends and family. Coincidentally, around the same time, I had also been given a few vintage pieces of jewelry by my maternal grandmother that were broken or she no longer wore.


One look into my grandmother’s jewelry box and I was hooked. This was what would set my business apart from others. I fell in love with the idea that each of her pieces had their own unique history – their own story to tell. I began to realize that these pieces were timeless and could be given new life by deconstructing them and combining their parts with new and fresh styles, colors, and textures. I began designing bold statement necklaces that featured vintage elements but had a modern yet timeless appeal.

Style is always evolving, but what we design and wear today continues to have roots in the past. Elements of the styles of my grandmother’s generation are still seen in our current trends; those timeless styles inspire me to find ways to further connect them to the present with my jewelry. I love finding inspiration in the details of life; nature and creation, art, architecture, music, history, and travel all shape my current style.

Though I started my business ten years ago, it has ebbed and flowed during that time as I have also pursued interior design and other creative endeavors at the same time. As an artist, I see clear evidence that every project I work on influences other areas of life and impacts how and what I'm designing. Thus, my residential design experience influences my jewelry design, and vice versa.

In school, we learned that the principles of design were applicable to any kind of design, not just interiors. And I see that play out in any of my creative endeavors, whether it be in designing a necklace, a painting, a flower arrangement, or a space for a client. My eye has been trained to create and spot good design. It's in my veins and I see pattern, color, texture, shape, balance, proportion everywhere.

In the last year, I've enjoyed exploring more avenues of creativity and have a longing to create more space to add offshoot projects as they come up. As I mentioned, the principles of design and art are evident no matter the medium. And creativity can be exercised in endless ways. After all, we were created by a Creative God in His image to be creative men and women! I see all of these projects and businesses as mutually beneficial to each other, just as I see them holistically working together hand-in-hand in my life. And I can't help but think that approaching them as connected businesses rather than separate entities would not only make me less of a crazy person, but could also encourage and inspire YOU, my trusted and most beautiful followers, customers, and clients.

I have such a passion for encouraging women to see themselves as beautiful daughters of the king who have been created in the image of a beautiful, creative God, and who have been given authority to steward well their homes and wellness.

I believe these conversations can start with jewelry, wardrobe, space planning a new home, or the choices we make regarding our beauty and wellness. Whether you're an accountant, teacher, stay-at-home mom, designer, or anything in between, we all have the capacity to exercise creativity in one form or another, and it's my desire to empower and embolden you to creatively engage in all aspects of your life.

If you do, I believe it will spark some new life within you, and bring freedom from having to be like everyone else or do what everyone else is doing.

Hopefully this fall, you'll be seeing some new things around here, maybe even some new branding and names in the process. Don't worry, the things you love about amanda k. jewelry aren't going anywhere. We're just exploring ways to encompass even more of what we do around here so we can bring those goodies to you.

If you don't follow along over on Instagram, head there now for a glimpse at what we're up to, including our latest travels or newest pieces. You're be inspired and encouraged for sure, and maybe even find a few ideas worth saving for your next project.



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