about the designer: amanda inman

Hello, beautiful lady! I'm glad you're here. As you read on, you'll discover that my business is so much more to me than jewelry and home design. I hope you get a sense of the heart behind all the sparkling jewels and pretty pictures. The hearts of women are what matters to me most, whether it be my customers or women half-way around the world impacted through giving back. Read on to learn the how and why of our beginnings!

the spark: CAPTIVATED

One look into my grandmother's jewelry box, and I was hooked.  I fell in love with the idea that each of her pieces had their own unique history - their own story to tell.  I began to realize that these pieces were timeless and could be given new life by deconstructing them and combining their parts with new and fresh styles, colors, and textures.

the expression: DESIGNING

Style is always evolving, but what we design and wear today continues to have roots in the past.  Elements of the styles of my grandmother’s generation are still seen in our current trends; those timeless styles inspire me to find ways to further connect them to the present with my jewelry.  I love finding inspiration in the details of life; nature and Creation, art, architecture, music, history and travel all shape my current style.   
I'm always on the hunt for vintage jewels to pair with beads, stones, and metals.  On designing days, I spread out the treasures and just start playing.  That’s the only way I can describe it!  This brooch with those stones, switch out clasps, move things around and add colors and textures in a “mock-up” until each new combination takes shape.

the responsibility: INVITE

I know without a doubt that God created me to create things.  As He is the ultimate Creator, we imitate Him when we create things from scratch.  This is one of the purest forms of worship that we can offer Him.  He is pleased when we use the gifts He gave us and employ them well.  I also know that He loves beautiful things—He created the earth, and then created people in his own image!  And he is the most beautiful of all things!  These beautiful things are meant to draw our attention to him in praise.  Jewelry enters the discussion here because it is a way that women express themselves and express their beauty.  I have a passion for women’s hearts and inviting them into the deeply rooted belief that they are beautiful, created, worthy daughters of the King.  Based on the women I have encountered through my business, both friends and strangers, and the conversations we have had, I believe God can use something as simple as jewelry to spark conversations and build confidence in women to be whom he created them to be, and live it out.