Introducing Inman studios: Classics for your HOME

Introducing Inman studios: Classics for your HOME


It's no secret, I've been working behind the scenes on something fun for your HOME: Carefully CURATED and COLLECTED pieces hand-picked by me! These will be vintage, antique, or just plain cool things that I have taken time to source and can't wait to show you how to use them in your own home.


I will drop a small collection of fun finds periodically, via Instagram stories or the website. If you want to follow along and know when and how these curated collections will be released, and get previews of what I find, sign up here and we'll add you to the VIP List. TRUST ME, you will want to be on this list.


In case you were wondering:

Don't worry, your favorite amanda k. jewelry isn't going anywhere!

We've been working on creating Inman Studios, re-branding, and providing an umbrella "brand" for me to add in other creative projects alongside the statement jewelry. This is still in the works as we figure out the logistical side of making it happen. Stay tuned!


With a background in Interior Design, I have always found connections between all areas of art, design, and fashion, and I can't wait to be able to share more beauty through the expanded wings of my business. I'd be honored if you'd follow along!




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