[San Diego] On location: Inspiration is everywhere


Our recent trip to the California coast just north of San Diego was filled to the brim with rest, inspiration, and beauty from all angles. I wanted to share a little of that beauty with you, with the hopes of brightening your day, giving you a window into a place you can't travel to right now, and perhaps even let you in on the secrets of a designer. (Wink.)

Beauty doesn't exist as an end unto itself. It is my belief that beauty always has a purpose: to draw our attention to the One who created it, and to give Him all glory and praise. During a time of crisis especially, I truly believe that beauty is helpful, even crucial, to our understanding of God and our ability to give Him praise. While some might deem it unnecessary or frivolous, I propose that beauty is a reminder of the HOPE that there is a kind, Creator God in heaven who cares about the tiniest of detail, including the beholder of such beauty. (That's you, friend!)

So, I'm sharing some of my favorite [beautiful] pictures from our trip. As you look through them, consider this: what do they tell you about God?

After you scroll through, leave a comment with what comes to mind! I'd love to know your thoughts. [Don't miss the commentary throughout; also, that last photo... my wide eyes and wispy fly-aways are just evidence that I couldn't be more excited to be at the beach with my husband.]





Color schemes are shapes are popping out of this colorful coastline photo. I am planning a series to show you photos of jewelry pieces that tie closes with these inspiration photos.




The Aqua Terra Jasper layering necklaces made their appearance at the beach, and paired perfectly with a pair of turquoise cluster earrings my husband bought for me in New Mexico! The jasper beads are nearly the same color as the foamy ocean waves in the next photo.





While combing the beach, I kept noticing piles of black rocks scattered along the tide's boundary. After closer examination, I realized that the majority were actually other colors... brilliant colors, in fact! From a distance, they had looked almost monochromatic. There were black rocks, but I could not believe how many other colors I found. This collection I snapped a photo of was only from about 30 minutes of picky selection. There were actually many more variations of each color, varying in shade and tone. It's fascinating to me! Such an easily overlooked, small detail, but one that communicates such creativity and attention to detail if our eyes are opened and willing to see.



Any time I see a color scheme or details that catch my eye, I try to take a photo of it. My camera roll on my iPhone is FILLED with photos from random places and moments. Do I always go back to them later or use them as specific inspiration? Hardly ever. But, as a designer, I've found that these moments are actually captured in my mind and filed away, often to come out in a project or piece I'm working on down the road. Perhaps physically taking a picture of them with my phone is a representation of that.



I almost always stop for a good wall photo. And the Macrame Fringe Hoop earrings are the perfect accessory for any mural photo.




Next time you go outside, or scroll through Instagram and see beautifully captured moments, or flip through a magazine and happen upon a beautiful photo, ask yourself what that BEAUTY tells you about God? 



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I love all these pics. those rocks, ahhhhhh! my heart! and that wall of color is amazing. i also take pics to capture the beauty and hope that it will infuse something later in my life….xoxo

Leslie Johnson

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