Behind the Scenes Design Process

Behind the Scenes Design Process

Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes, designing or stringing a necklace?

I love giving behind the scenes looks for you guys, because I think knowing the love and time and intention that are put into each piece gives value to what you're buying.

Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes look:

The process can take a few minutes to a few hours or even days! Sometimes I have an idea in my head but don't execute it for years. Then, one day, I pull it out and it practically makes itself, it happens so fast. Other times, I will leave a necklace in-process out on a tray and work at it for weeks without being satisfied with how it comes together.

I have even been known to finish something and then months later, cut it up and make it into something new if it's not sitting well with me! Some of my most favorite pieces have come from reworking a design that just didn't work.


Jewelry making process


Stringing beads can be tedious! I cannot tell you how many beads I've lost by dropping them on the floor. In our house now, we have all wood floors, so that helps with recovering escaping beads. There is little more frustrating when making something and be nearly complete, just to drop it and lose all your beads and progress. It happens more than you'd think!

necklaces in progress
The design process is almost never linear. This challenges me to be patient for creativity to happen, for inspiration to hit, and requires practicing, playing.
What other parts of the process do you want to see? Drop us a comment or message and let me know!
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