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Pulegoso-style Blown glass apothecary jar with stopper

Pulegoso-style Blown glass apothecary jar with stopper

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This adorable vase has great weight to it, and has the original matching stopper. It has a pontil mark on the bottom to show it was hand blown. It is in the Pulegoso style, which gives the bubble effect. It would look beautiful on a vanity, or styled in your bookcases with a collection of colorful glassware.

Pulegoso: (Italian, from the dialect word pulega, “bubble”) Glass containing numerous bubbles of all sizes, produced by adding bicarbonate of soda, gasoline, or other substances to the melt. The bubbles make the glass semiopaque and give the surface an irregular texture. Pulegoso was developed by Napoleone Martinuzzi (1892-1977) on the island of Murano, Italy, in the 1920s.

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