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Modern Meredith

Posted by amandakjewelry on 13 February, 2010 2 comments

You are getting the first glimpse of the latest amanda k. line of necklaces, Modern Meredith! The name comes from my grandmother, who is a graduate of Meredith College in the early 40s. They were affectionately known as the Meredith Angels.  I visited the campus recently and stepped back in time, picturing the young, stylish women walking across campus with their skirts and heels and pinned up hair. I imagined many of them wearing pretty necklaces or special brooches, creating that timeless and iconic look we all seem to know. The necklaces in this collection are a more modern and fresh interpretation of what I pictured a Meredith Angel wearing, thus the name Modern Meredith!

Each piece is completely unique, there is (and never will be!) another like it. I have handpicked a lovely collection of vintage brooches and incorporate one into each necklace, giving it new life and adding character to the other stones or beads. Whether you wear it with a simple black dress or your favorite jeans and sweater, these necklaces are sure to be statement pieces!

Check back in a couple days for another peek at this growing collection!


Posted by amandakjewelry on 01 January, 2010 0 comments


I am pleased to introduce to you amanda k., handmade jewelry inspired by life.  By following my blog, you will stay up-to-date on the latest pieces I personally design and create.  I have just launched a new line that includes pieces inspired by my travels over the years to the Cayman Islands.

As a designer, inspiration comes in many forms such as color, texture, and pattern, architecture, art, and travel, music, memories, and nature.  I love to take what inspires me and translate that into stunning "statement pieces" that become a signature look.  Custom requests are not only encouraged, but cherished! 

amanda k. is the result of life-long dreams to own and cultivate something of my own, in which I can share with others the God-given creativity that drives me.  What began as a whim in the midst of necessity, has become a passion and excitement that energizes and allows me to experiment with design and technique, as well as connect with people and share stories.  

Please follow me on this journey and stay tuned for some exciting glimpses at what's ahead!

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