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As a designer, I am very inspired by original art and color. I love how studying a painting or a room design inspires me to create a specific necklace or color palette for my jewelry. The principles and elements of each of these areas of design are very closely related, and can be translated into many other areas of design as well. The process is the same, no matter the outcome. Sometimes, it's after the finished products are revealed that the connection between fashion and art or interior design is discovered.

Last week I went on a quick trip to San Antonio with a mission to find some great artwork for a project I'm working on.  (If you're not aware, I am an interior designer with Astleford Interiors here in Dallas, in addition to owning amanda k. jewelry.  You could say I have a lot on my plate!)  While searching through Sally's amazing monotypes, Ashley and I noticed we had dressed the part!  Our outfits coordinated perfectly with a couple of our favorite pieces.

What you cant see in the picture of me is that I also have on green pants and yellow shoes... it was like I had translated Sally's monotype into an outfit.

And as an added bonus, we discovered we were all three wearing amanda k. jewelry!  An impromptu photo shoot was necessary.

Another sweet detail to this story: Sally is Ashley's mother-in-law.  She creates watercolor monotypes with all sorts of beautiful colors and textures. What a fun and artistic family!

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