Birthday Cake and Updates

This past week was a big one. My husband's birthday happened (and thus birthday WEEK celebrations) and we announced that we put a collection of amanda k. jewelry in a new shop down in Waco.  We posted about these things on Instagram, and had an overwhelmingly positive response from our followers.  If you don't follow us there, hop to it!  We share all the latest news there, and more of our lifestyle that we are working on branding.  And stay tuned for a name change happening soon!

The shop that welcomed us this weekend was Christi's, owned by Christi Proctor, formerly of Trading Spaces on HGTV.  I had connected with Christi while I was a student at Baylor when she spoke at a meeting our ASID group held.  She remembered me when I went by her store back in August, and we struck up a conversation about my jewelry.  She loved my equestrian necklaces in particular, because she had owned a horse herself. 

The vibe of her store (and her custom bedding line Moon Rein!) fit perfectly with our jewelry, so we're giving it a shot!  If you're in Waco or nearby (likely visiting Magnolia) then make sure to stop by and take a look. Her sister store Titch and Burt's Mercantile next door is also a great place to get unique gifts and home items.  There are so many great little local spots to shop in Waco now, and these little places are right there at the top of the list. 


Our birthday week celebrating my wonderful husband Chase included this delicious banana cake with brown butter cream cheese frosting, which I had intended to make to try to replicate our wedding cake.  I agree with Sally, why has it taken me this long to try brown butter cream cheese icing?!  We made this cake gluten free using Namaste GF Perfect Flour blend.  It's a dense and decadent treat, and my husband loved it!

wedding cake

Wedding cake by Feastivities, Flowers by I Do Floral & Decor, Wedding photography by Bow Tie Media

My cake, using my vintage inspired jadeite cake stand!

Since we were asking about it several times over on Instagram, I decided to share the recipe I used.  Make sure you visit her site to get the full recipe!  Now I can't wait to have our wedding cake that our moms saved for our 1 year anniversary... it's coming up soon!


This week will seem a bit dull compared to all the celebrations last week, but honestly, I'm quite ok with that.  This introvert is ready for some down time.  :)



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