Dreaming of the Summer Sun

We've finally had several days of nice weather here in Dallas! This is about the time of year I start to dream of the beach... warm sun, vivid colors, the bright blue caribbean water contrasting with the stark white sand, and the sea breeze swaying palm trees. My family has traveled to the Cayman Islands every summer since I was young, so as the season approaches again I look forward to the familiar trip and the inspiration that awaits.

I love using color palettes and materials that are unique and are inspired by my travels. These particular amanda k. pieces are all designed and created with my favorite island in mind... enjoy them as you dream of your next vacation!

This piece is made of beautiful red coral slices, with a unique vintage Warner NY brooch attached. The painted enamel brooch adds the perfect, unexpected touch to the red coral. It is removable, though, to allow for versatility. It would look fabulous with a crisp and breezy white top or a strapless navy dress.

These earrings are inspired by a favorite restaurant in the Caymans, called Calypso Grill. The orange coral pieces and freshwater pearls are mixed with green glass beads, reminiscent of smooth sea glass found along the shore.

The large, smooth disks of jade in this piece look as if slices were taken out of the Caribbean, with the beautiful layers of blue and turquoise swirling together like waves and sand. Little princess-cut pineapple quartz beads adds a refreshing touch to this stunning necklace.

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