Entrepreneurship and The Rising Tide Society

Today I wanted to go in a little different direction and share with you about one of the new groups of people I've been able to connect with in the entrepreneurial world.  I thought those of you who are also managing your own businesses would love to learn more about a group that supports us and is an encouragement to me.

The Rising Tide Society was introduced to me by my friend Elizabeth Hambleton, of Hambleton House Studio.  On the second Tuesday of each month, entrepreneurs across the country gather together for local meet-ups and discuss a topic provided for them by The Rising Tide Society.  Elizabeth and I had just been discussing over coffee how hard it has been to be a creative entrepreneur, and the various struggles we had encountered along the way.  

It's tough being out there running a business on your own. Not only are you the owner and CEO of your company, you are the accountant, the CFO, the Marketing Director, the Supply Manager, the public relations team, and in a creative business, you may even be your own photographer and design team. Wearing all these hats can be challenging, overwhelming, and lonely all at the same time.  Elizabeth and I shared with each other how we were looking forward to being a part of a community of other small business owners where we could ask questions, receive feedback, and collaborate. 

The first time we met up, it was great to see so many new faces of people who are wanting to connect with other small business owners.  We met back in June at Oddfellows, and the consensus among the group was how incredibly refreshing and encouraging it was to meet other company owners.

We've covered topics about Instagram, the customer experience and gathered ideas for other areas where we tend to struggle in business.  Truly, it has been so much fun getting to hear others' viewpoints!  The best thing about the heart of the movement has been #CommunityOverCompetition, which essentially means that we see the value in choosing to cultivate community as business owners, rather than cut-throat competition.  We each have different experiences and knowledge to share, and can build each other up by cultivating real relationships with other creative professionals.

To see if there is a #TuesdaysTogether meet-up near you, click here. The Facebook and Instagram communities are also a fun, beautiful and encouraging way for social media platforms to connect with others in business. I have been inspired and challenged in many ways through these connections.

I'd love to hear if you've been to a Tuesdays Together meet up in your neck of the woods, or if it's something you'd be interested in learning more about.  If you're in the Dallas area, leave a message for me here or email me, and I'd love to connect with you at our next meeting so you can have a familiar face!

I'll be sharing how Amanda K. Jewelry got started six years ago in upcoming blog posts.  I hope that it inspires and encourages you if you're on the fence about starting your own business.  

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