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Being a designer, I always have people asking what my house looks like and musing that it must be cool and all "put-together."  And truth be told, there are some fun elements and unique touches that I have incorporated.  I love my space, and it makes me happy to be in it.  Which is a huge plus, since I work from home! 

I have a mix of styles that can only be attributed to being young and unable to start from scratch, but am slowly collecting some great pieces along the way.  Take a glimpse at the photo tour below for a peek into some of my favorite spots!  (But don't be fooled, it's not always this picture-perfect!  Let's be honest, there was laundry on the floor under the tripod in the bedroom and huge stacks of paperwork on the office console you can't see! Wink.)

The Lounge, aka the living room and breakfast nook.  This has to be one of my favorite spots in my house because it is so bright and cheerful.  And, life happens here!  Guests are entertained, conversations had, movies watched, and true community is lived out.

The office, where business deals go down, conference calls happen, and fabric schemes are created.

Plenty of evidence throughout the house that I am a Baylor Bear, including my favorite neon bear painting by fellow grad Jennifer Moreman, and hand-painted "Sic 'Em Bears" wooden block by alum and Little Branches owner Becky Leach.

One of my favorite ways to make a space personal and bright is to add collections of original art.  It doesn't always have to be expensive, but you have to love it.  Original art can be an old painting you picked up in a vintage shop, your child's artwork, or a treasure found while traveling. 

The Studio, where all the beautiful jewels are made!  Since we're friends and being authentic here, I will admit that it is in a constant state of "creative chaos."  A lot happens in here!  At any given moment, there could be several pieces in progress, and a handful of other designs being hashed out, while a photography shoot is happening (right on that white poster board!).  Inspiration is everywhere and I never know when an idea will strike.

I leave you with a quaint little picture of my patio I recently posted on Instagram, including the lights I put up a couple weeks ago during some unseasonably warm weather. 



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