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You're a modern girl with classic style and a carefully crafted social agenda (neatly organized into a cute planner, of course.)  You closely follow the trends, but only choose a select few to incorporate into your well-manicured look.  This color-blocked beauty combines two bold colors and stones that we just can't get enough of: classic blue and highly polished lapis lazuli stones and deep yellow gold dyed jade discs.  A vintage silver dress clip (impressive in size and detail) hangs as a pendant to complete the look.  A bit of the blue paint on the center of the flowers has worn away with time, but we think it just adds to the story and charm of the piece.  Measuring 21" in length, this statement piece is sure to set you apart from the crowd. 

amanda k. necklaces from the "Modern Meredith" line are one-of-a-kind. You will be the only girl on the block with your necklace!  Each piece will arrive at your door packaged in a handmade dust bag that can protect your jewels when storing or traveling.