Blue Bouquet

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As cheerful and unexpected as a tiny little bouquet of flowers peeking out between the cracks of cleft rock, this stunning pair of pretty (and rare!) dress clips stands boldly against the earth tones of the surrounding stones.  Strength and beauty are conveyed in the contrast of both, giving life to the notion that rarity and the ability to stand out are of great value.

- Color-blocked Lapis and Jasper stones

- Vintage Enameled Dress clips with clustered flowers

- Gold plated faceted beads

- Sterling Silver toggle clasp, 19" in length

amanda k. necklaces from the "Modern Meredith" line are one-of-a-kind. You will be the only girl on the block with your necklace! Each piece will arrive at your door packaged in a handmade dust bag that can protect your jewels when storing or traveling.