A Majestic Mystery

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The mountains beckon us with an indescribably language of beauty, a quality that can almost only be experienced rather than read about. The colors, textures, and intricacies of the landscape are placed adjacent to the magnitude and grandeur of their scale.  There is mystery in how and why we are drawn to them, which keeps us coming back for more. With its irregular nuggets of purple Amethyst and the intricacies of the vintage focal point brooch, the majestic quality of this statement piece reminds us in a small way of the mountains we love.

- Nuggets of Purple Amethyst

- Copper gilt hematite beads

- stunning and intricate silver toned vintage brooch

- sterling silver toggle clasp

- 20" long with a 3" pendant drop

amanda k. necklaces from the "Modern Meredith" line are one-of-a-kind. You will be the only girl on the block with your necklace!  Each piece will arrive at your door packaged in a handmade dust bag that can protect your jewels when storing or traveling.