Find the Silver Lining

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Life is tough sometimes, but there's no doubt that with this necklace you're sure to see that finding the silver lining is unmistakeably easy.  The classic vintage silver waterfall necklace brings a brightness that quickly elevates your mood to the next level.  From first glance, the unequivocal elegance of the glazed ceramic cobalt beads and Picasso jasper paired with Kyanite spikes helps you maintain your calm no matter what the day may bring. Wearing this, you'll effortlessly remain convinced that your circumstances certainly don't have to dictate your confidence.   

-Glazed ceramic cobalt beads
-Picasso jasper beads
-Vintage silver waterfall necklace
-Iridescent Green Kyanite Spikes
-Sterling silver toggle clasp


amanda k. necklaces from the "Modern Meredith" line are one-of-a-kind. You will be the only girl on the block with your necklace!  Each piece will arrive at your door packaged in a handmade dust bag that can protect your jewels when storing or traveling.